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Click here to view the list of streams allotted class XI

Click here to view the list of streams allotted class XI 

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Regarding online fee payment

Due to technical reasons, online fee payment was not working since yesterday.
Now the online fee payment services have been restored for the fee defaulters.
Those who have already paid the fee earlier, i.e. from 30 March 2020, may please check it again for any remaining dues because of the above mentioned reasons.

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Important circular for parents 4th April 2020

Dear Parents
We hope all of you are abiding by the rules of the lockdown and are taking good care of yourselves. 
You all are a part of the DLDAVSB family and we pray for your wellbeing and good health. 
Please note the following points carefully:
🔹Our teaching faculty is going an extra mile and is either conducting online classes for the students or sharing study material with them. Please ensure that your wards attend the classes and do these tasks seriously as it is important to stay in touch with Academics. 
🔹For the time being we are going to continue with the old fee structure even though the amount will be insufficient to bear all the necessary basic expenses 
🔹The school has to increase the printing charges (which is an earmarked levy) as this too has not been increased since the past five years but now the school doesn?t have any savings to allocate against this increased cost  so the mandatory increase of ₹500 p. a. 
has been made to cover the same. 
🔹We request you to pay the fee immediately as the school has to pay it?s necessary expenses like salaries to employees which includes fourth class employees, house keeping staff,electricity,water and other bills
🔹NACH and SI will hit the bank accounts on 6th april ( for those who have subscribed  for NACH )
🔹The rest can pay online for which the steps of payments are available on the website
We look forward to your cooperation in these difficult times
Stay safe! Stay healthy! Stay at home only!
Ms. Reena Rajpal

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Press release from DAVCMC

Ref. No.: DAV CMC/                                                                                                                                       Dated: 04.04.2020



says Punam Suri, President DAV CMC

Due to the dreaded Corona Virus spreading unabated, and the total number of confirmed cases and deaths rising daily, the DAV College Managing Committee (DAV CMC) donates 5,00,000,00.00 (Rupees Five crore Only) to Prime Minister?s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM-CARES Fund). This includes a donation of a minimum one days? salary of our staff. Many have benevolently given more.  


Practically every nation has gone into a Lock-down state. We think that this is, probably, the first time that the entire human race, regardless of religion, language, colour, or nationality, has declared war against its common enemy - Corona Virus. In these difficult times, DAV believes that all resources are needed to be deployed to fight the COVID-19 crisis, which is one of the toughest challenges ever faced by the human race.

DAV, since it?s inception, in 1886, has always risen to meet the challenges thrown by any natural or national calamity. As we did earlier in case of the earthquake at Gujarat & Pauri, the Odisha tragedy, the Tsunami disaster, and floods in J&K & Bihar, the staff and students of DAV donated in the form of cash, kind or voluntary service. 

DAV has risen together, once again, to strengthen the hands of our government by donating to fight this dreaded disease.  

Shri Punam Suri, President, DAV College Managing Committee said ?We are confident that India will conquer the COVID-19 crisis sooner rather than later under the astute leadership of Shri Narendra Modi Ji,Hon?ble Prime Minister of IndiaThe entire DAV fraternity is with the nation in this hour of crisis and will do everything, to win this battle against COVID-19.?


DAV College Managing Committee, through its 919 institutions which include Colleges, (ProfessionalColleges, Vocational Colleges, and Degree Colleges), Schools and the DAV University, and the Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha through its numerous branches, has initiated multi-pronged prevention, mitigation, and ongoing support. Our institutions in some states have provided their premises for making arrangements for self-quarantine of people who have migrated from cities to their native places (villages). DAV is extending all possible help to the local administrations by providing food, water, etc.

Further, we have urged our Alumni numbering more than 40 lakh to ensure that people in their locality stay indoors, stay healthy, and stay safe and play a meaningful role in India?s war against COVID-19.


DAV College Managing Committee &

Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha 

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Result of Classes Nursery to VIII

Dear Parents 
In view of prevailing circumstances of the spread of COVID 19 and the countrywide lockdown , the school has decided to promote all the students from Classes Nursery to 8th  under no detention policy. 
Stay indoors
Stay safe & healthy

Ms Reena Rajpal

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Important for all parents

Dear Parents 
Please note that the school has to release the salaries of the staff members, housekeeping and security staff and other allied services for the month of March. 
We also have to make some statutory payments and the payments for water, electricity and telephone charges. 
You are thus requested to pay the fee dues immediately to avoid inconvenience to both the sides.

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Details and instructions for online payment of fees

Dear Parents, 
Please note that it is mandatory  to clear the fee dues latest by Saturday, April 4, 2020 so that the students can be promoted to the next class. We are not charging fine for the month of March 2020 if the fee is paid till 4 April 2020. You can pay online as per the attached steps.

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Message by Principal for parents and students

During this pandemic, parents are trying to figure out how to support their children?s academic work while keeping everybody in the household sane. In addition to sharing space with their parents, the kids are battling isolation from peers, a frustration with being cooped up, and a sense that there is no end in sight. Common complaints include too much time spent online, no boundaries between learning at home and learning in the classroom and being lonely.
Kids have found it challenging, and quite isolating as they are missing the opportunity to be in groups, and to be sharing things in real life. Parents are stressed too, whether worrying about their kids losing learning time or how to facilitate their children?s learning at home.
As Educators we would like the parents to remain connected with their kids by watching an episode of show together, narrating stories, singing songs, playing games, conducting hands on activities or may be even cooking together and sharing recipes.
Many emotional responses to crisis, including fear, confusion, anger, guilt may be seen in our kids. Parents should share with them that others are feeling the same too. It?s a good time for self-compassion and compassion for others. It is of prime importance that parents must keep their outburst in control.
Parents do not mandate hours of learning time if kids are resisting it. Remember that kids will soon cope up with academic skills but their mental health is important now. Parents what kids need right now is to feel comforted and loved.
Stay safe and healthy till we meet again.
Ms. Reena Rajpal

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