Vision of the Educational Leader

The vision of the Educational leader...

Greetings to one and all!

I would like to use this platform to reach out to every teacher, parent and child and every individual who has a dream to see the world being inhabited by loving and enlightened citizens, to share my educational philosophy and vision for the school.
I believe that in this great cosmos, every human being is born with a unique consciousness, energy and inherent goodness and has the potential to achieve success.We aim to identify and nurture this uniqueness and make our learners fine individuals replete in skills, adorned with values, proficient in life-skills. I borrow from a John Denham verse to further elucidate my vision.

Though deep, yet clear, though gentle, yet not dull;
Strong without rage; Without O’er flowing full

Yes! Our learners will have intellectual depth, yet they’ll be grounded. They will be calm and gentle but vigorous too. They will be bold without being aggressive and they’ll be loving and generous but not foolishly sentimental. In our scheme of education, ‘compassion’ will come before ‘academic brilliance’, ‘giving’ will be more important than ‘achieving’ and reveling in ‘group success’ will precede ‘individual accomplishment’. I believe that if our children approach life with these goals, academic and professional success will become easy and inevitable milestones in their journey. The whole idea may seem utopian but we’re determined to attain this paradise for them.

We are doing what we have to do for this. We are constantly reorienting our objectives to ensure that our learners become smart multifaceted global citizens. We are experimenting with innovative pedagogies, with teachers and students together exploring knowledge in the classroom using technology. We are changing our mindsets, accepting learners as our equalsand respecting their individualities. We are also enhancing infrastructure to add the best of tech-tools.

We are excited about our task but understand that we have challenges to reckon with. We seek the co-operation of all parents and alumni to support us in our endeavor. We are blessed to have talented artists, dedicated professionals, accomplished entrepreneurs amongst our DLDAV family. I urge them to come forward as resource persons and provide real-life learning to our children. I assure them it would be a gratifying experience for there’s no bigger joy than ‘giving’ in life.

Ms. Reena Rajpal