Health & Safety


Health and safety of children is given great priority. Following measures have been taken to ensure the same:-

  • Fire safety system is in place complete with evacuation plans (put up in all classrooms), regular drills are held to ensure swift movement in times of calamity/contingency-natural or accidental. Faculty members are trained to handle the required equipment.
  • Do‘s and Don‘ts list during emergency is displayed on all class boards. "Drop, cover, hold" drill is held to make the students aware of the precautions to be taken during an emergency situation like earthquake.
  • Live talks by experts like policemen and doctors are organized to sensitize the children about various safety measures.
  • Two separate external agencies have been hired for the maintenance of hygiene. Their staff works diligently to ensure cleanliness both during and after school hours.
  • All entry-exit points of school are monitored by CCTV Cameras and alert guards. CCTV cameras have also been installed at various points in the campus which discourage students to indulge in any untoward activity.
  • Every corridor, classroom & ground is manned by faculty members at all times. The faculty members also monitor – very closely- potential problem hours like morning arrival, afternoon dispersal and recess.
  • SMS alerts are sent to parents to inform them of their wards absenteeism in order to curb the dangerous bunking trend.
  • Parents are also issued i-cards.Photographs of parents/ van drivers are kept in record for safety during dispersal.
  • Two in-house electricians are on duty at all times to ensure electricity safety.
  • Open spaces in all corridors on all floors have been made more secure by installation of heavy steel rods and wire netting.
  • We have a well-equipped medical room complete with First- aid kits, stretcher and wheelchair, oxygen cylinders. It is supervised by a qualified doctor and a nurse. For serious injuries or sickness, the school has a tie up with a neighborhood hospital so that medical assistance can be provided without any delay.
  • RAIN WATER HARVESTING in school ensures no collection of stagnant water and breeding of mosquitoes.
  • RO PLANT has been installed in the school to provide clean, healthy drinking water.
  • We have Health & Hygiene clubs for students wherein they learn about the various factors affecting their health & hygiene as well as ways to improve it.
  • Cleanliness checklist for all classes, presentations and stories on healthy, unhealthy food, good habits, celebrating raw and cooked food day are also some of the activities undertaken to enhance awareness about health.