Social Outreach


  • Blood donation camp was organised on the occasion of school’s foundation day where parents and staff members came forward in large numbers to donate blood and save lives.

  • DLDAV fraternity is committed to realize its ethical obligations and makes sincere efforts to create good stewards and responsible trustees of the planet. Through out their school life, children are imbued with the spirit of giving back to the society. That is why, even as alumni, they come back to the school to contribute in whatever way they can.
  • Our alumni are not only maestros in their respective professions but are also spreading light in the society - by adopting villages, organizing health camps and educating poor children of construction workers.
  • A special workshop was conducted for students and teachers on ‘Organ Donation’ to create awareness about this sensitive issue. This was conducted by one of our illustrious alumnus - Dr. Vikas Jain.
  • The accomplished alumni of the school reached out to their alma mater by holding ‘Career awareness workshops’ for the learners.
  • The ‘Face to Faith’ program is another medium that makes the children compassionate and sensitive towards issues such as inter faith harmony, gender discrimination, human trafficking, medical ethics, human rights and women’s rights. It also supports the powerful idea of building a generation which has respect for all religions and treats humans as equal.
  • Students are sensitized on issues like ‘Gender Discrimination’, Substance Abuse etc.

Some other efforts to make a difference:-

  • Celebration of communal harmony week.
  • Donations for needy through old books, clothes,
  • Adoption of a neighborhood garden, picking up fallen leaves, nature walks for understanding trees and plants
  • Cleanliness drives in the neighbourhood areas
  • Taking out rallies and conducting door to door campaigns to spread the message of environment protection
  • Kindness towards animals and birds through story dramatization
  • Maintaining sex ratio by awarding points to girl child during admission.