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Title : DLDAV Model School Shalimar Bagh welcomes delegates from Bhutan

Learning across borders


A visit by four delegates from the education department of Bhutan enriched the students and teachers of DLDAV Shalimar Bagh. This is the beauty of an exchange program. We come closer as a common humanity. We learn from each other, share knowledge and appreciate diversities.

The delegates were mesmerized by the beautiful campus which was dressed up for the Education fair. Children of class V dressed up in traditional attire welcomed the guests while the senior students enthralled them by a cultural program showcasing their love for India. Principal Ms. Reena Rajpal applauded Bhutan?s distinction as the only carbon negative country in the world urging the delegates to share the efforts being made by the government to achieve this feat.

Thereafter, Madam Principal took them for a campus visit showcasing the best practices of the school. The Education Officer and Principals from Various schools of Bhutan were amazed to see the prototypes created by the students in the Atal Tinkering Lab like Seed Cutter, Solar Inverter, Smart Automated Vehicle, and the designs made with the help of 3-D Printer and marveled at the innovative bent of mind of young learners. Paper recycling plant was another practice that was hugely appreciated. The delegates also enjoyed watching the tiny tots learning through the BALA concept and EEDP program.  Smart boards in all classrooms and well-stocked library received praise as well.

The delegates also visited the Education fair and congratulated the Principal and staff for providing not only a holistic education program to the learners but also preparing them for the professional life.  

The delegates from the greenest country of the world shared their concept of Gross National happiness with the students and also answered the many queries put up by them.

This exchange of knowledge and experiences will be treasured by both the school and the guest delegates.