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Title : Raksha Parv celebrated in Classes I and II

Students of Class 1& 2 of DLDAV Model school Shalimar bagh celebrated Rakha Bandhan as Bharat Raksha Parv to convey the message that soldiers of our country are real heroes and protector . The little ones paid gratitude to them .

Principal Mam welcomed Shri Shivneet Kumar a soldier in 5121  ASC Battlion c/o 56 APO , Pathankot on 5th August at our school. All teachers ,children and their parents enthusiastically and respectfully interacted with him.

Children made Rakhis with their little hands for the Indian Soldiers to be sent to Pathankot through Shri Shivneet Kumar. Children expressed their feelings for soldiers by writing poems and their messages.

All these rakhis and messages are being sent to the soldiers of Indian Army with the great help of Colonel Amit Sharma.

Lets all salute our Indian Army.. Jai Hind