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Silver Award GVC International Web Designing competition primary school category outstanding website

School won Silver Award in International Web Designing competition organised by GVC in the primary school category for outstanding website: ?Preserving Heritage to Promote Peace? in collaboration with students and teachers of International Community School of Abidjan and Lakeside Middle School of USA. Ms Vandana Aneja, Ms SHruti Verma, Ms Vandana Bansal guided the students of the school and the team members are- Aashita   9F, Ansh Singhal   6B , Ayush Karir 9A, Dhruv Soloth 7G, Divy Sharma 9F, Garima Garg 9F, Gurpreet 9F, Harsh Chawla 9C, Harshit Jayson 9C, Jasmeet Singh 8A, Lohit 6B, Mayank Aneja 9F, Paras Seth 9A, Parth Sharma 7G,Sarthak Garg 8A, Siddhi 9F,Tanu 9F,Vansh Ganjoo 7G