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Award & Achievements

Title : International level winners in the Global Virtual Classroom contest

GVC - Web Design Contest

Our website, created with the partner school, The Phoenix School, Massachusetts, USA, won a Grand Prize for the primary school category (Grade 6-8). The website ?Cyber Wellness? not only explores cyber threats, it emphasizes and educates others on safe online habits.


In Senior School Category (Grade 9-11), we were partnered with Liberty High School, Missouri, USA and Global English School, Brazil. We bagged third prize for the website ?Safe, Secure and Strong? which focused on creating sensitization and awareness about the less talked topic ?Mental Health?


Individual GSBI scholarship/sponsorship to a needy, disadvantaged student was given on behalf of both Junior and Senior teams The Junior grand prize winner team won additional $1000 and Team India generously donated their monetary prize to support more scholarships. We received certificates of recognition of several sponsorships.


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