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Title : HASH 6.0

The Technology Club of the school hosted its 6th Annual Inter-School Tech Fest HASH 6.0 on 27th April, 2018. The event which has assumed a cult status in Delhi over the years was sponsored by Vimukta Academy, Carrier Point, FutureEdge, Toreto, Codebreak60, Gyan Jyoti, Kosmos Institute. It also boasts of a ?HASH Alumni Team? which is an elite group of computer enthusiasts of all ages.

This year too, with over 500+ registrations from 37 schools, HASH 6.0 organized 15 different IT events.

 Tinkering experts were invited to showcase their creations in the form of ?3D Convenience?. Students were required to design a gadget to make life easier and more convenient and send a video showing the designing of the object. Top five teams were selected and called for the onsite round which was theme based. Alumni of our school Mr. Nakul Malhotra, was the judge of the event.

 Notable ?CodeRun? prelims were held at international level using Codechef portal wherein 204 teams registered, 42 school teams registered, total submissions made were 769 and total users who made a correct submission were 136.  Various international students participated in this contest from countries like Philippines, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Germany and others. - College students also liked the contest. It was organized by Jatin Gupta(Alumni) and a team of students.

 In ?RoboSaga? participants were required to construct a robot capable of solving a maze. 

Webtrap- a web designing event provided a unique opportunity to test new boundaries of web design, to try a creative navigation pattern, test an unfamiliar layout and play with an interesting animation library.
Hash 6.0's creative event graphics trick (senior and junior) returned to discover new ways to create and transform digital experiences.

The Flabbergast experience was all consuming. Participants were excited about the surprise event and passionately focused on processing the clues they were given.

The questions in  Quiz-whiz were intriguing and  exciting. The audience also got a chance to participate every time the teams answered incorrectly.

Warrior within, a gaming event, Photocall, Directrix-Cut, Scratch-n-Win, Foto Fabrication, PitchSmash and Design-an-Ecard  thrilled the students to bits.

 DPS RKP, DPS Rohini and Goodley Public School bagged the overall trophy.