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Title : Capacity Building Programme for mathematics held at school

The second phase of capacity building programme cluster I for mathematics teachers was held from 28.6.17 to 30.06.17 at DL DAV Model School Shalimar Bagh.

 Day I

Creative and innovative questions for questions Bank were prepared by the teachers teaching primary classes.

Curriculum discussion to discuss the new examination pattern was followed by preparation of sample papers for classes IX and X.

Day II

An important session was taken by counsellors / special educators of DL DAV School Shalimar Bagh & Kulachi Hansraj, Model School, for identifying gifted children & henceforth challenging worksheet/question Bank were prepared.

 Day III

Conceptual problems in teaching of Geometry and common errors were discussed by master trainers of Kulachi Hansraj Model School, DAV Pushpanjali, DL DAV Model School ND Pitampura and DL DAV Model School Shalimar Bagh.

Presentations were given by teachers on allotted topics.

Also, a very vibrant session on Geogebra offline for middle classes and Geogebra online for secondary classes was taken by Anjana Narula and Rashmi Kathuria for making teaching of Mathematics interesting & effective.